Levitating Death Star Speaker Will Make You Join The Dark Side

Levitating Death Star Speaker Will Make You Join The Dark Side

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  • The speaker levitates 360 degrees allowing for a rich surround sound experience.
  • LED lights that accompany the speaker gives enhances your listening experience with great visuals
  • Connecting to the speaker with Bluetooth makes playing music off your phone or tablet simple.
  • Since the speaker does not touch the ground, there is no sound lost through vibration thus giving cleaner, clearer sound.
  • Great conversation piece to show off at your party, or to a hot date.
  • Perfect gift for that Star Wars fanatic you know will die over this.


  • Lightweight & portable standalone orb allows you to play music wherever you are.
  • The base serves as a charging dock for smartphones and tablets.
  • Touch sensitive controls with a mere swipe or tap

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Packing list

1 x Portable Bluetooth Speaker 
1 x Charger 
1 x User Manual 
1 x Usb Cable 
1 x Charging Cradle


How To Levitate

1. Make sure the base is turned on and placed on a flat surface.
2. Holding the orb in your hands, slowly lower it towards the center of the base.
3. When you feel the orb start to levitate -- let go! Voila!
4. To make the orb spin automatically, rotate the orb once manually to get it spinning in the desired direction. (Notice: Failure to connect the boom box ball with the base after 3 times, please pull out the charger and reconnect it.)
5. When connecting the boom box ball, ensure that it is not surrounded within 10cm or electronical products(computer, phone) within 20cm.